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We started as trendspotters. Now we’re trendsetters. 

Big numbers person? We’ve got you covered. Locally was founded to address major shifts in consumer behavior and desire. We’re happy to show our work. 


20x larger than the
Amazon marketplace.

Brick and Mortar sales completely eclipse online sales. And, a majority of online sales are consolidated into a few sellers. Locally helps brands, retailers, and shoppers unlock their place in the biggest product marketplace of them all: their neighborhood.

Global. Growing.

Today, we help thousands of stores and hundreds of brands in dozens of countries present their real-time inventory to nearby shoppers using e-commerce tactics and we provide users with novel last-mile fulfillment options like in-store pickup and same-day delivery.


of shoppers make purchasing decisions online before heading to a store.

of sales are still happening in local brick and mortar stores.

of the world’s inventory is hidden from online shoppers.

Locally reaches 1,000,000+unique shoppers per day.

Our tools power 1,470 sites with information  about where to find & buy popular brands nearby.

74% percent of in-store shoppers searched online before going to a local store.

Customers engage 900 touchpoints prior to purchase.

"Near me" searches are growing at 600%.

of in-store shoppers started their product research online.

Where smart shoppers, world-class brands,  and beloved retailers find each other

We make the handoff between online and in-person shopping a joy. Welcome to the beautiful, blended future of retail. 

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