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It started with a hunch.

As online retail skyrocketed—and as big players consolidated the landscape—our founders had a gut feeling: local retail wasn’t going anywhere. 

But we also knew that digital tools had something to offer. So we started building a suite of sophisticated but easy-to-use solutions to help bridge the gap between online and in-person shopping. 


Mike, Ben, and Blake spend a year brainstorming on ways to help local stores reach online shoppers in a meaningful way. The basic idea attracts some initial investors and partners.


Locally launches online as and sets sights first on the outdoor industry. Industry-leading brands like Patagonia, Arc'teryx, and Osprey sign on as founding partners.

A year's worth of work only nets about 30 retailers participating in the platform. SEO wins were hard to come by and most brand clients were focused on direct sales channels.

Locally sees retailer adoption accelerating and begins offering online reservations for in-store purchases. The company decides to raise money and taps Zane Ray for v2 of the platform.

Locally expands into new industries and now has a handful of retailers offering both ROPIS (Reserve Online, Pay In-Store) and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store). We have one delivery transaction for the year.

ROPIS and BOPIS sales accelerate and so does retailer adoption. Along with new POS integrations, we begin to see a significant upturn in the number of stores participating.

Large-format retailer adoption and daily unique user reach begin to surge. Locally is furiously adding new team members and features to the platform.

Covid brings in-store and curbside pickup into the daily life of virtually everyone. By April, some retailer clients are using Locally as their primary tool for store operations.


When we began in 2014 we had the support of some of the best brand partners we could ask for, across a variety of industries. Each has joined our platform and helped us build a database of inventory that rivals Amazon, but with a local brick-and-mortar retailer at the end of every experience.

"Locally allows us to connect our customers to the bike of their dreams, in their own backyard. We are on a mission to change the world, by getting more people on bikes. If we can do that faster by showing somebody the bike they want is down the street, at their locally owned bike shop rather than our warehouse, that’s better for them, it’s better for the bike shop, and it’s better for Trek."

Eric Bjorling, Director of Brand at TREK Bicycle

Where smart shoppers, world-class brands,  and beloved retailers find each other

We make the handoff between online and in-person shopping a joy. Welcome to the beautiful, blended future of retail. 

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